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Any one got any good suggestions for carpet games/strategies to maintain attention during class times. I find my children are very easily distracted and I feel like I am a broken record asking them to be "sensible on the carpet" during short "in between sessions" eg after tidy up time and before dinner, coming back into class after playtimes etc. any little tips?

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* You could try using a visual approach - I have a happy/sad 'puppet' face, one face on each side of card fixed onto a lolly stick. Try to catch them being good; say the child's name and 'good sitting' whilst showing them the happy face (don't forget to smile at them!). You could either ignore the less desirable behaviour or just say the name and show the sad face without expression.

* Draw a happy face on one side of the whiteboard and a sad on the other, write names on the board on appropriate side; at end of session the children with names on the 'happy' side stand up and everyone give them a clap.

* Have a finger puppet or hand puppet (something special), but it only comes out when the children are quiet, listening or showing the behaviour you want to see.

* Stars in the jar (sticky stars to be stuck onto a pre-cut jar shape) - you will need to have groups for this, unless you want to have a jar for individual children. You could also use real jars and marbles.

* Whisper - the children will need to be quiet to hear you and you will find that they will probably whisper back - you could even sing songs using a 'whisper voice'

* Praise the children who you see are being 'good' - others will want praise too and quickly copy the desired behaviour


Hope this helps - and good luck!

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Maybe use a song or phrase for settling down ..


' 123 eyes on me' and get them to return '1.2 eyes on you'


or in past when they start to wander I used to do a clapping rhythm using hands and knees... eventually one would copy and usually ended up with all joining in... once they are used to it they are usually quite fast at joining in with the clapping,



a voice lower than normal, "If you are here and you are listening to me, clap your hand and count to three." As I get their attention I will change the directive to something more fun like tap knees or anything I think of on-the-spot. This keeps their attention and they are watching for the next change.

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I count down from five or ten (depending on how noisy they are and how much time I have, in order to settle them initially. If I get an y disruptions once they have settled initially I either stop mid-sentence and wait while looking at the "offender" or I start commenting on those who are listening well. I lost my voice last week and (although I know I should have stayed home - too much to do though!) I started doing my countdown silently by raising my hands above my head and folding my fingers down. Initially I had to do it slowly, but I've carried it on this week too and they have picked it up really quickly. By being silent myself I am getting a really quiet environment by zero. Mostly those who are usually listening notice quickly and start nudging everyone else to join in.

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