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Maths Observation with Mothers Day theme


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Hi All,


I'm being observed in school next week teaching maths and I am in need of some inspiration!


The focus of the lesson is to see how the more able children are being challenged.


As we are preparing for mothers day next week I would like to tie that in to my lesson.


Your thoughts and opinions are much appreciated! :)


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Ah yes, the challenge of the Ofsted framework is now a big focus on the more able!


You could give a challenge that uses skills they have developed but could apply in a different context, e.g. you have to work out how many different ways 3 different colour flowers can be arranged in a vase so if you have reds, blues and yellows you could have RRB, RBB,RRY etc etc etccould be done in your workshop area if they actually make the flowers before hand so they've then got their flowers and a vase to work it all out

or a mothers day flower hunt with classification and sorting and justification afterwards

or if every mum in the group got 2 flowers how many would you need to buy? 3 flowers.... lots of opportunities for problem solving?



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