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We have a large 75 pupil intake each September. Currently each child is offered 5 x 1 hr 45mins sessions run by TAs. This means at least 2 often 3 of our TAs are out of class running the sessions for 2 days a week for 5 weeks. This leaves very little support in Reception in these day. A 6 th visit happens after all these visits the children then get another session where they meet their teacher. ( There are 3 classes.) During the 5 visits by the children the teachers get the chance to pop into these sessions but don't really get chance to get to know the children. The sessions are run in the Infant hall so the children don't really get to know the environment.


I would like to change all this and give the teachers more of an opportunity to get to know the children who will be in their class during the end of the summer term rather than the TAs knowing everything. (The TAs also are the ones who visit the children in Pre-schools.)


I would love to know what others do in other schools. We seem to do too much and I feel the TAs have taken over leaving the teachers feeling as though they haven't built any relationships with any children or parents. HELP HELP!

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Our playgroup have 2-3 sessions during the half term leading up to the summer break when they have access to the classroom and playground for an hour at a time. At these time the reception children arent there, PE or some such in the hall usually. The class teachers are there aswell as the playgroup manager and one other staff member according to the number of them going onto school.

The children also have a half day with their parents during this part of the term.

Its worked well for a number of years although we're the main feeder to the school so they dont have to fit in loads of settings.

The teachers nor TAs visit playgroup though. :1b

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