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New EYFS Ofsted questioning


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It has just dawned on me that being the only EYFS teacher in my school, i am automatically the eyfs leader. this means that when Ofsted comes knocking they are going to want to interview me :blink: *brilliant*!! can anybody give me any advice on what they may ask and what i need to have prepared?

Many thanks in anticipation...

J :)

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This may be too late but will offer my recent OFSTED experience anyway. I am the phase leader for FS (26/26 nursery and 2 reception classes). Ofsted wanted to see entry/exit levels of children and asked what our targets were for the high flyers. They also looked at national averages against school data to ascertain where we stood in comparison. As the new EYFS document has no current data with which to make comparisons, they looked at last years results (from entry in nursery to exit at the end of YR ie Sep 2010 - July 2012).


They compared boys/girls achievement and looked at the achievement of children on FSM and SEN.


Thankfully, all was ok and we were graded good. Phew!! Good Luck.

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