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Recording 'work' /evidence in Reception


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Hi all :)

I'm relatively new to the site and have so many eyfs questions but I'm starting with something that really bothers me...

I'm new to my school and am still trying to figure out what is expected from me/my children evidence wise, but I fear that my worries have lead me down a path that's too formal.

I worry I do too much adult led work and not enough playing/interacting - something I'm working on at the moment to improve!

I just wondered if anyone else records 'work' from adult led sessions (small group or 1:1) in books or has a folder for work produced or if it's not really necessary, most of my adult led activities are practical play based tasks or purposeful writing activities but I always feel I need to document it somehow in each child's folder so it's there as evidence...

What I'm really getting at I guess is whether I need to chill with writing it all down for evidence and just get in and play with them and when something exciting clicks for that child, note it and file in their Learning journey and identify the next steps.?

How do other people file work produced?

I often have piles of child initiated work in the tray and not sure what to do with it. It can't all go in the Learning Journey, do you keep it somewhere or send it home?

Sorry if I'm having a bit of a thick moment!


E x

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I think you need evidence of / from your adult led activities. You also need examples of work from child initiated, photos or observations.


Do you have an advisory teacher that you could ask to come in and support you? Also, can you get out to visit some other settings--all will help you refine your skills.

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Thanks for replying Susan :)

I'm not sure about an advisory teacher but will look into it. Yes I'm hoping to visit other settings, think it will be a good idea.

Would you have a separate folder for children's work or just document it all in the learning journey?

I sometimes think I'm making too much work for myself.

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Don't forget that the definition of evidence includes everything that is known and that evidence is to illustrate, support and recall - ie exemplify your judgement, back it up and if written, help you remember it!



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I have one exercise book that I use only if the adult led activity warrants it e.g. Write a fact about a dinosaur/ getting chn to record their number work in pictures e.g. Top ability adding dinosaurs by drawing 2 then 3 and working out how many altogether while the lowers may just record what 3 dino look like. Most of the time I do practical activities and I have a group focus sheet where I write and any other adults write down comments about the chn's work in relation to the development matters objective. This then gets filed away with my weekly planning and comes out to inform my assessments against the development matters statements. And of course there are photos too.

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