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2 Childminders in one setting?


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Hi everyone,


Its been ages since I've been on here! I've been out of the childminding game for about 18m - 2yrs.


I have the opportunity to start a new childminding business working with another childminder. I wanted to ask all those childminders out there who work as a husband and wife team or 2 childminders together in the same setting how it works for you.


Firstly, Do you make enough money to support 1 family?


Did you both get a start up grant? As ive been a childminder before I assume I won't get it again!


Do you both work all of the time, or does one work sometimes as a childminder and sometimes doing other things?


How does insurance work? Do you both need to be insured individually?


What are your ratios? Are you allowed to care for 6 under 8 each? So can you both have 3 under 5, a total of 6 between you?


Do you all live in town or are any of you rural?


I'm really just looking for some market research and hear from you how it works for you. Are there any problems that you can warn me about with two of you working together?


Thanks, Jo

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I work with my husband and we both work as childminders full time. It works well for us. I started cminding first and then 5 years later he started so we both had grants but at different times. we have individual ins which Pacey does a discount for family memebers. The ratios are doubbled. we live in a market town.

It works well for us and i hope it works out for you

Allison xx

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Guest sn0wdr0p

I used to work with my husband and I loved our time working together - oh happy days - we see at lot less of each other now as I run my own nursery and he runs his own businesses. Sadly the income could not support us both but we did have two of our own little ones at the time which impacted on our ratios.

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I worked with another childminder for many years and it did work really well. When we started I had a daughter under 5 taking up a space (she didnt have children and we worked from my house) so we split the takings 50/50. She bought most of the food and I paid for the bills, cleaning stuff, and resources and any other extras. She was not good with her money and never had extra to put towards toys and art and crafts etc. but I didnt mind buying them.

We hadnt really talked about how we would split everything but this worked for us and we were both happy with the arrangement.

Some years on however, I extended the house and increased the number of children we could have, as I had more expenses I expected to take more of the takings. It caused a bit of tension between us and I felt that she wasnt happy after that.

I think you really have to be clear about the finances and maybe have a separate account to buy work stuff.

Good luck!!!

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