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Hi all,


Does anyone have a sheet with areas for under 3's on that is cross referenced with the foundation stage?


This is the sort of thing I am looking for. The under 3's area with the foundation stage areas it covers.




Competent learner

Making connections

Children begin to connect objects and ideas: a pair of socks, a big teddy, armbands for swimming




KUW all aspects

Explore objects:

show an interest in the world in which they live



Numbers as labels for counting; shape, space and measuresShow interest in numbers and counting.Show interest in shapes and space; play with shapes



sense of communityMaking connections with all different parts of their life experiences


My staff are finding planning for the under 3's quite tricky at the moment. I did have a sheet but lost it, well filed it away and can't find it now


If anyone can help could you either post it or e-mail it to me.


Thanks, Gizzy

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Hi Gizzy,


I haven't got anything as detailed as yours and I wonder if it is necessary because the BTTM is a "pre-requisite" of the Foundation Stage Curriculum, if they are too closely linked then the expectations may lean toward FSC and not be age/stage appropriatte for the BTTM children.


I do have a graph of links between the new "5 Outcomes" for children, the "standards" and the "Nursery education Inspection (criteria)" this I think I found on the Ofsted site.


If your staff think on the lines of "Child development" ie, learning through senses, active learning, cognitive and language development from 0-5 yrs then they won't go far wrong when deciding appropriatte activities.




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Thanks Peggy,


Our problem is that we have planning for the foundation stage and BTTM on the same sheet and which ever stepping stone they use the staff want to cross reference it with BTTM.


Thanks for the form its helpful.

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We have our planning on the same sheet too. What we do is look at our actual learning objective for the activity, as it is differentiated for the younger/less able, and then select a component according to that. It works well, as so many of the BTTM aspects and components can link to different aspects of the FS. For our outdoor provision, we have 'focus boxes' for each of the six areas of learning, which are labelled for the FS aspect, plus the aspects of the FS with which they most easily link. Can't remember offhand, but will post next week, when I'm back at work - I finished yesterday for this week!


Sue :D

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Did I read recently that in the next 2-3 years there will be a new framework for birth to 5? Apparently the change is due o the fact that the present BTTM and FS dont link too well. I could have dreamt it of course. :o:D

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You certainly did, Rea - you're sharpening up with age, girl :(


The consultation period is until October 2005, then it should be ready for launch in 2008. I'm tempted to have retired by then - but don't think I could cope with all that time on my hands xD


Oh, and the Bill proposes removing financial support for QA schemes !! :o


Sue :(

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See, I didn't forget!!


The links we have made are (where FS is first, followed by BTTM) :-


CLL to SkC

M to SkC and SC

KUW to HC and SkC

P to HC (although personally I would add SC there, as well)

C to SC and CL


As always, this is just we've done, we will all have our own ideas, I dare say.


Sue :D

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Thanks for the post Sue, will use it to help the staff with their planning.


Why oh why do they keep changing things xD I guess they want to keep us on our toes :o

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all,


I am doing some support work with settings at the moment and have found a grid that links BTTM aspects, ELGs and SS from the 'training the trainers' day way back when BTTM was first introduced. It does not cover everything, but it is a good base to start from


I am in the process of typing it into Word format, so will post it as soon as it is done...

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