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child autism in rec mainstream school


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hello I am hoping someone may be able to help me please. I have a child in reception in mainstream school with a diagnosis of classic autism. She is at present waiting for a place in a special needs school which we dont expect to occur until September. She is in a foundation stage unit which is huge and not sensory sensitive by any means, it is loud busy and bright. She has echolalic speech for much of the time but can say toilet when she wants and jug if she wants a drink. She does have some other basic words as well.


At the moment she is running around the classroom pulling things off walls and units to get the blue tac and the teacher in the class believes you cant be strict with her unless you shout at her. I have tried chewy sticks and thera putty but nothing seems to work and I wondered if anyone has any ideas about what I can do.


I will say I took her into a quite room last week for the full day where I got a lot of work done with her and she didn't even ask for tac however on taking her back into class I was told it didn't count as it was not done in the classroom. The room is full of distractions and even in the nuture room there are many distractions. I have spoken to the teacher who keeps telling me my predecessor was brilliant with her and managed very well in the nuture room, but the observations I did with her before she left the child was not getting what she needed. I cant have a learning station because there is no room even though I have identified areas where this is possible and the work she is expected to do I would say is way beyond her capabilities at the moment e.g. her teacher had her doing rhyming games last week when she hasn't got that type of language yet although she can match the pictures.


I know what I need to be working but it cant happen at the moment. Sorry for the rant I just feel very frustrated or this child. It is going against all my knowledge and training but at the moment I need to stop her taking the blue tac please do you have any suggestions. I believe it is a stimming thing caused through anxiety at being in that particular room but as I am not allowed to take her out I need to find a way of helping her. please many thanks.

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No matter what they say she needs to be out of the room, which is causing all her negative behaviours!!!

Will ask my special autism lady tomorrow to see if she has any suggestions

Take care and just keep putting her needs first!!!!


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This teacher sounds very unhelpful!


Can you prompt the parents to ask for a workstation t o be provided? There not being room is irrelevant. If she needs one the school must make space for one but I see you are not really the person equipped to make such demands.


Could you suggest that the parents ask for a meeting to discuss progress and that they ask for your Autism Outreach team to be invited?


Are you allowed to give her a lump of tac of her own to hold?


Could you suggest that the parents provide some ear defenders?


Could you try getting her to use some weighted objects like a rucksack or lap pad?


You must be feeling very frustrated!

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