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Funding For Taking Nvq3?


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Hi -

I've been asked to post this request for help from a member. If any of you know any funding streams that might be appropriate I'd be grateful for your suggestions! :)


I'm just wondering if you can help me. I've got a dilema - I am currently doing the nvq3 at a sheffield college and in november i got all my funds paid for as i was on low income, but recently i have been told that they have cut all the adult learning support funds, so that means if i want to continue the course i have to find the remaining £590. Ii have tried everywhere to try and get funding (unsuccessfully i might add). I'm just wondering if you know of any organisations that could help as i really would like to finish the course.
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Oh dear how frustrating to have funding withdrawn part way through the course :o


It may sound like stating the obvious but have the college been able to provide support or advice of any sort. I would presume you have checked the details of when the funding was given originally, did they say they would grant funding on an annual basis or for the whole course? I am a little bemused that they can grant funding and then withdraw it leaving you in the lurch.


On a more practical level, is there any chance of financial help from your setting (sorry not sure whether you are working but just a thought) again, if you are working your local EYDCP or Sure start may be able to help.


Really sorry this is probably not much help, I had a wander on the net but didn't come up with much.


I have my fingers and toes crossed and really hope you are successful in your search and good luck and I will pop back and post if I have a brainwave :D

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Thanks Geraldine. I would have thought it was possible to apply for funding to a number of organisations (and I thought I'd come across this elsewhere but can't seem to currently track any down).


Anyone else with any ideas, please don't be shy! :)

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Sorry I haven't responded before, wanted to do a bit of checking. Actually, I haven't got far with the checking, answerphones etc :o so I'll just go with what I think/thought I know.

In my area there was funding for Pre-school Learning Alliance candidates through Early Years. Early Years are also currently funding a student in our Nursery (think it's called 'Care Training' - sorry can't be more specific), however, neither of these is college based, so may not be helpful.

The amount involved for a second year seems a bit excessive to me, but I may just be out of date!! If it's a second year, how come the plug has been pulled????? it seems like 1) very unfair, 2) a waste of the first year's funding and 3) a drain on public funds if they're suddenly pulling the rug from under everyone's feet!!!!!


Or, there's always the possibility of finding a position in a DN which will see you through your training - you may be able to transfer completed Units from your first year?


Please put me straight if I've misunderstood, sorry can't be more helpful


Sue :D

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