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Guided Reading in Reception


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Hi everyone,


I was wondering how you undertake guided reading in Reception - we recently had training in school which as per usual gave great examples and resources for KS2 but not for Foundation Phase. Any help or examples would be greatly appreciated. My main issue is finding a balance for everything - I could spend the whole week with just numeracy and literacy at the moment with the pressures on standards but I don't want to revert to completely teacher lead learning!!


HELP! :wacko:

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Guest ChunkyMan

Hi Bambam84


I try to do 1 session of guided reading a week and tend to link it to my guided write session.

I do my guided read early in the week and the guided write after.

I also link it to the phonic level they are on currently on plus HFW's they know.

Sometimes it is a bit tenuous but I try to emphasise to the children how the 2 activities are connected (if you get my meaning)

And of course they are related to what our topic focus is.


For example we were learning the 3 billy goats gruff and floating and sinking, I had gathered lots of objects that floated or sank and gave the children initial sounds, words, captions or simple sentences to read, then find the object, predict what might happen and then carry out the simple instruction to find out (depending on level of ability) -eg. put in a peg etc. I took pictures as they were doing it then used those pictures to prompt the children when doing their guided write.


I must admit I do sometimes find it tricky to fit in Guided read and write aswell as all of the other stuff, especially in light of what they are supposed to be able to do by the end of the year!!!!!


I hope this is of some use?



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Thank you so much it is so nice to hear that someone else feels the same pressures - I really like this idea of using their photographs


Many thanks!


Bambam :D

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Have you looked at Oxford Owls? It is a brilliant website with a variety of levelled guided reading books for primary school aged children, including picture books. Each book has one or two activities to be carried out on the IWB with the children and there are key questions and suggested focus areas. http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/


Another idea we use sometimes is providing story tapes or CDs for the children to listen to. If you have an actual book of the story alongside that the children are able to link the narrative to the written words.


We also sometimes share a big book of a familiar story with the group and then provide puppets for the children to act out and extend the story independently and use appropriate storytelling language.


Just a few ideas!

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Thanks everyone - cant wait to get started now so much better when you get a clearer idea of how to move things forward - I really appreciate the help :D

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