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Hi all hope your enjoying the snow. In a couple of weeks we are doing arts week on Van Gogh. I teach reception and was just wondering if anyone had anyideas on what i could do with them.




Thanksin advance x

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Off the top of my head and not knowing your children's strengths:


Examine his choice of subject, style and brush strokes, then create your own images using his style - have thick gouache style paint or use pallette knives to apply. This would support EAD skills. Use images that are accessible such as starry night or sunflowers


Use Katie and the sunflowers http://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/products/james+mayhew/katie+and+the+sunflowers/4568035/?gclid=CJri646U9LQCFXDLtAodPHgAAg (other books are available in the same style)


Get them to photograph their bedroom and then create images using their rooms as a basis in mixed media ?

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