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Hi all


Im a child minder who looks after a little boy who is 3yrs in March. He is not yet potty trained as he has so far not shown any interest and does not communicate when he needs to go. When he does a poo, he would sit in it all day. If I say 'have you done a poo?' he comes over for me to check his nappy but wont let me know he has done one.


I am aware that he is getting older and have therefore tried him on the potty. he is very happy to sit there but has not done a wee. Dad was very excited yesterday as the child happened to do a wee on the potty at home when sat on it. I think this is just a coincidence that he happended to need a wee as he was sat on the potty.


In the past I have asked parents to take time off work, if possible, to start potty training as they can stay inside and leave the child in knickers. His parents dont have any time to take off until April. As a child minder I am always out and about on school runs etc so would either have to put child in nappies when going out - which is confusing for the child - or find someone else to do the school/playgroup runs. The alternative would be to leave him in knickers and let him wet himself but feel that would be cruel given the very cold weather.


Hope someone can give me a bit of advice. I dont really think he is ready for potty training but also dont think he ever will be! My own children and those I have looked after previously have done the pulling at their nappies when its full and communicating that they need changing.


The child is also seeing a Speech Therapist as his speech is slightly delayed - dont know if this is a contributing factor.


thanks for reading

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I've been in your position, I would leave it until the warmer weather sets in personally. Each child is different, and boys do tend to leave it late.


From personal experience I have learnt they'll do it when ready. My younger brother didn't toilet train until a week before school, because my mum got stressed and made an issue about it. When he did decide to do it, we had totally dry days and nights.


Are his parents getting concerned about it? He's got time, a lot can happen in a few months.


Hope this helps

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i too think it will do no harm to wait until the weather is warmer.. my son was later and by leaving it until the summer following his 3rd birthday he trained really fast, and it made the cleaning and washing so much easier..speech delay can have a knock on effect .. maybe a few signs for toileting / changing may help with the communication .


i do think a lot of the issue today in the children not knowing they are wet is because of the style of nappies leave them so dry they have no idea what it feels like once they have wee'd , they sat dry! One mum I had used to put pants on under the nappy when she had to use one.. when they wee they feel the wet.. I believe they need to be able to feel wet to realise the link of actions...soiling is often sorted after they are dry..


I am sure you are very capable and just looking for a few new ideas and views on this

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thanks for all your replies,


Will speak to mum with a view to leaving it for a while. You are right Inge, I think sometimes, especially with working on my own, I need a bit of reassurance that Im doing things right.


These good quality nappies have a lot to answer for. They make potty training so much harder.



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My son was 3 in September and attending nursery four days a week. We were slightly concerned when he still showed no awareness at the start of October and was in nappies however by Christmas he was completely dry day and night. We did talk to him about how 'big boys don't wear nappies ' but other than putting that idea out there we left him to it. It is all about them becoming aware of their bladder and the fact that it is grown up to not need nappies.

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