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'Prescribed' medications


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Another thread has brought up this new fact sheet from Ofsted regarding giving medications to children in childcare. Sorry I can't do the fancy link.




It says, '

Over-the-counter medication


The Statutory Framework allows you to give over-the-counter medication such as pain and fever relief or teething gel. However, you must get written permission beforehand from parents. And, you must follow the same recording procedures as those for prescribed medication. '


This guidance has been given to clarify the difference between 'prescribed' and 'prescription' drugs.


‘Prescribe’ and ‘prescription’


The Statutory Framework states that ‘medicines must not usually be administered unless they have been prescribed for a child by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist’.

When we use the word ‘prescribe’ we mean medicine that is recommended.

When we use the word ‘prescription’ we mean written instructions from a doctor or dentist.


They are clear that it is up each setting to set their own policy and procedure. Having read this guidance I will be changing mine to allow some over the counter medications without doctor's prescription. I can see though that questions might be asked regarding the professionalism of this move. I wonder what views others would have?

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