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Appraisals and supervision - provider agreement


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there is now a legal requirement for you to do supervision meetings with your staff....so you would get together on a one to one basis ...perhaps each term and then they would need a yearly appraisal too. This needs to be recorded so that you can prove you are doing it

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already mentioned this, but i will mention it again here just in case. Checking you new EYFS at the part refering to Supervisions, it basically tells you what they want you to include..


3.20 Supervision should provide opportunities for staff to:

• discuss any issues – particularly concerning children’s development or well-being;

• identify solutions to address issues as they arise; and

• receive coaching to improve their personal effectiveness.

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Mmmmm ... thanks for that, Finleysmaid. Unfortunately our school does not have staff appraisals as such! We have 'staff development meetings' - and the Head will not budge from that position. Each member of the SMT has responsibility for teams of staff and, as Nursery Leader, I have TAs, MTAs, Pre-school Supervisor, Nursery Nurse and Breakfast Club. Apart from the Pre-school Supervisor and NN everyone else as a development meeting as a team, not individually. I wish it could be different, but apparently not; the meetings take place in the autumn and spring terms.

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sorry forgot you were school!

i don't think it says anything about doing it individually....and i guess it doesn't matter what it's called.

Could you still do these meetings but record them for individual people with what they input into the meeting/ suggestions etc

How do you record training needs and feedback from the staff about their own progress cpd etc?

There is a big emphasis on ensuring quality by evaluating all areas of your business and outstanding grades are relying heavily on this. I think an annual appraisal would be seen as an important part of this process...perhaps this might persuade the head ?

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The appraisal form includes:

Review what has happened since last meeting.

Look at your Job Description. Are there any issues?

What aspects of your work are you please with?

What aspects of your work have not gone as well as you would have liked?

What are the main difficulties you experience with your work?

Do you think you have any training needs to support your work in school?

Are there any other issues you wish to raise in this meeting?

Outline main targets for the school 2012-2013

Action points

Training needs


I do record individual comments, but still feel that staff should have an opportunity for a one to one meeting.
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