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Hi All


I am some what confused, yes that is very easily done I know! I was under the impression that at the moment The Leader of a setting had to have a level 3 qualification and at least half of the remaining staff had to be qualified to at least a level 2. By 2015 the setting had to have somebody who was doing or had done the Early Years Foundation Degree and all other members of staff had to hold a level 3 or be working towards it.


A local Tutor has recently told me that there is not anything that states all staff should hold a level 3 or working towards one.


Could somebody please point me to the legislation that says that this is or is not the case please.


Many thanks


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Thank you Sue.


I am now left wondering why Iam being pressured into doing the foundation stage degree and getting all my staff up to level 3 which I have had sleepless nights about!!!!!

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Hi Debster - who is pressurising you?


In my LA area the pressure is mainly from the LA who have issued provider contracts which insist that by 2015 all settings offering 20+ hours per week must have an EYP in situ or the setting is in breach of the contract and won't be eligible to receive early education funding for children and won't remain on the LA provider register (these contracts were drawn up before the government downgraded the must have an EYP to should have an EYP but the clause is still in there).


As Devondaisy has said the Nutbrown review came up with all sorts of qualifications recommendations however none of them were costed. It's my understanding that the government are meant to be making some sort of announcement about it next week - although the pre-announcement jungle drums seem to be beating out the message that it will be higher qualified staff but more relaxed adult:child ratios that will help increase the qualifications levels of staff whilst at the same time reducing childcare costs - other threads on here give more info and comments on how that might pan out!

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Thank you once again Sue, it is indeed our LA who are telling us this.


Will look forward to hearing the final outcome of the Nutbrown review and yes Devondaisy I think this is where I am getting mixed up.


Thank you both for your replies

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