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chinese new year

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Looking for good ideas for a writing/ numeracy lesson obs in reception connected to chinese new year- got a visit by our LEA link inspector looking only at EYFS (provision etc) and also she will be there to observe carpet time !!! All ideas are welcome - thank you so much for any suggestions.

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For numeracy you could do something related to ordinal numbers. Get the children to take on a role of the 12 different animals and act out the story of who was first, second, thrid etc to get across the river. Or they could label the animals?


Claire :-)

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it's not till 10th feb - is s(he) coming in round about then? could you write a shopping list for a cooking activity, or instructions for one done day before - sequencing it. maybe use photos from activity and write about each one for a book? e.g. egg fried rice, chicken stir fry etc

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She is coming 6th Feb -all morning ! Got lots of ideas for continuous provision - its just the actual obs of my teaching that I need ideas for. Did think about doing some role play with ordinal numbers or perhaps having red money envelopes, throwing a dice, chn have to place right number of 1p coins in each or similar? Like shopping list activity-that kind of thing usually works well- could be for the party the next day! Another idea was to 'discover' the messages in the fortune cookies have been stolen and the have to write new messages? Some of the chn are ready to begin writing with support, whilst others could do emergent writing/ mark making.I keep going round in circles! All suggestions are more than welcome.


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For writing tasks I normally do A Chinese New Year card. So like 'To....love from.....' with the message 'Kung Hei Fat Choy' (i think this is how you spell happy new year in chinese)

You could do a sentence e.g. It is the year of the .... (link to phonics)

You can also find out what year your children were born in and do a sentence e.g. 'I was born in the year of the...'

Shopping lists for chinese food

Write chinese menus (link with Chinese restaurant role play)

Mark making - chinese symbols


Mathematics ideas - ordinal numbers linked to the Chinese New Year story

Money in the chinese restaurant


Hope they help. I am a bit shattered tonight so apologises if some dont make sense x

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