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Hi all, we have interviews this week for a preschool assistant and need help formulating a question please :-)


i need a question that will show the candidates Commitment to inclusion/equal opportunities and their understanding of religious and cultural diversity,


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Bugsy,

A few techniques we have used are to give the candidates live case studies from the setting that may encounter in their role, like a scenario for eg and gauge their responses from that because ultimately you would be looking for the right attitude and approach to a live situation.


We also include current affair issues/ news/ whats in the papers etc in regards to religion/ cultural diversity and equality and gauge their own values, principles and attitudes about these issues in light of whats currently occuring in our communities. It helps to sift through.


Hope that helps

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One way to do this is to ask a very open question to gauge response. For example, you could ask for any experience they have of using an inclusive approach. Probably the best question I was ever asked at interview was simply 'What does the term equality mean to you?' This could easily be 'What does the term inclusive practice mean to you?' Then its up to the candidates to consider their answer and their slant on the question.


Hope you manage to get the person you want.

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