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How do you register your children?


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Hi. I run an after school club that has recently seen the number of children attending double almost overnight. At the moment we have a diary that we use as a register. We write in the which children are booked in for each session.

As a child comes in we write down the time next to their name. As they are collected we write the collection time and parents sign to say the have taken the child home. Because our numbers have grown so much a lot of my time is now taken up filling in the diary (and drawing columns in the diary for each day!).


As our system involves me writing in children in by hand, sometimes a child has been missed of the list and we have not realised, the school then calls the parent who get very upset their child is not in after school club where they expected them to be. This means angry parents, upset children and a telling of from the Headteacher for me.


We really need to find a less time consuming and easier way to register everyone.

Does any one else use a different system to register children? Anyone use a computer based system- if so do parents still have to sign their children out (and how is this done)?

Thank you to anyone who can help.

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We make a register in Excel which is printed each week and amendments made as children cancel or book. We write in the arrival time and then the time they are collected but do not make parents sign as we only have one door so staff do see who comes and goes.

If we miss a child (which does happen) the school usually asks us first before contacting parents which helps but it is a fairly small school.

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Guest sn0wdr0p

We use the out of school software from datamove it's really cheap and produces a couple of register formats including one the parents can sign and has a couple of columns for signing in and out so we can do before school and after school. We can sort the children by school and produce collection lists for each school daily.

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