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The Farm....Again!

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Hi All,


No idea if I have put this in the right section. Relatively new to this wonderful site!


I work in Dubai, Head of Foundation Stage and we are going to be inspected the 2nd day back after the Christmas holidays. Oh joy.


I just wanted to know what you all think about trying to create an engaging learning environment, we are not nearly well resourced enough and on last years inspection (I had just arrived at the school) they were criticised for giving the children worksheets and not having enough enquiry based learning.


I have spent a lot of time trying to resource the department (15 classes) to the tune of £35,000. This does not get you a lot believe me! Now we are looking for ideas about bringing this topic alive in the class bearing in mind we have small rooms and 25 children! We have managed to get learning areas in each room but some rooms are significantly cramped. For example each room now contains a wet play, malleable, roleplay (some very small), literacy, numeracy, creative area.


Any ideas/advice/sympathy would be greatly received!!


Thanks in advance.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. I had a thought, have you advertised that you would welcome resources from parents? I get a lot of my resources this way. I put requests in the school newsletter for dressing up costumes that no linger fit, duplo, Lego and train track, old baby dolls etc. whenever we start a new theme, I send home a letter for books and resources connected to the theme and usually have a good response. cardboard boxes are my saviour as well, they get turned into anything by me and the children.


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Hi tinkerbell32


Welcome to the forum :D


As a newbie let me point you in the direction of some topic support ideas and activities. This can be a good starting point as you can then work out what resources you have to support them and make a wish list for future purchases,


You have mentioned The Farm in your topic title so I will try and point out specific farm stuff but also show you where you can find topic support stuff for another day.


Topics and Activities ideas


The Farm


FSF Articles - Activity Support


The Farmer Drama


Resources section - Topic Support


The Farm


I hope this helps :1b

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