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Hi All.

Hope the "glue and glitter" season is going well and that everyone is having fun with their special little ones??? We are busy making marks on hats and calendars, having lots of sensory Christams experiences and getting ready for parties, concerts a church service and disco!!!!!


Next term our topic is "The World in my Town", and I was wondering if anyone had any "new and different ideas" for exploring it with my very special PMLD little bunch. Have some thoughts already, as done it 3 times before, but need some inspiration please. Thought of Asian culture in the town and all the lovely sparkly dresses to explore and the wonderful scents used in cooking, chinese new year and the light parade, visits to different locations - weather permitting etc, but also feel we need something different this time.


Any help gratefully received!!!!!


Thank You very much and HAPPY last two weeks - where has the term gone??????


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Hi I recently did a journey around the world and discussed with the children how we might travel to these different countries we started with France made passports with all the children and set on our journey ( some in a car , boat , plane ) I did this last thing on a Friday afternoon so on the Monday I was able to have the preschool room set up as if we were in France :) flags were made we had a French cafe selling baguettes etc we made bread , had tasting activity going on for snack all week with cheese different breads etc and for creative I set up a la louvre with easel and pallets variety of paints and pastels with a gallery on the wall for children to display their paintings. For construction we built the Eiffel Tower using a variety of different blocks helping children to build from biggest to smallest , every morning we learnt a new French word to it was great fun we even had a Tour de France in our outdoor area with all children receiving medals. Every week was a new country ( mainly using the countries our children came from or recently visited) every Friday we would pretend to travel somewhere new. We went to Africa where we used handas suprise for stimulus using a variety of friuits for senses activities and for balancing activity on our heads made a mud hut etc and African drums !!!! I could go on all night about what we did but I'm not even sure if its any help to you.

I found the children thoroughly enjoyed it and the staff were motivated to great topic that I will defiantly be doing again.

Good luck enjoy

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We got one of those tourist information type maps from the tourist information office and then we took photos of some of the major landmarks around the town (you can tie the photos into whatever you like) and then had strings from the landmark on the map to the photo.


It was a great discussion activity and you could add photos of things once you had done an activity to act a s a reminder.

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Thanks everyone for your help and ideas. Will "pinch" things from you all and then adapt it to suit my very specail little learners

Thanks again

What a fab site!!!!


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