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Hi everyone,


I have posted this in the Tapestry forum but wondered if anyone reading this forum would be able to help.


I am really keen to start using Tapestry but would love to get feedback from schools using it. I am sure it is absolutely secure etc but we had some questions regarding safeguarding and wondered whether anyone in county had looked at it and approved it? Our concern would be posting photos of other children in other children's learning journeys. We do this at the moment and just ask parental permission but would there be any implications to these now being in digital form?


I would be really grateful for any feedback.


If anyone is already using it in Herts or Essex I would especially love to hear from you!


Thank you so much


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Hi smc20 -

Bear in mind that Tapestry has only been out a few weeks. I'm not aware of any reception teachers so far who have taken it up, although of course I don't actually know what kind of setting the weavers are based in. :1b

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