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New Forum Structure Implemented!


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Hi -

As promised previously, I have now changed the forum layout, so hopefully things will be more logically laid out. If they don't, well you helped me put the new structure together... :D


If you'd like to have an overview of why and how we've changed the layout, have a look at the discussions here.


And if you can't find stuff you used to be able to find, just click on my name to the left, and PM me with your problem. I don't think I've deleted anything permanently. Just moved it all round a bit. :o


Please, if you want some tips on how best to keep track of posts of particular interest to you, read the three tips below:


1 Use the front page (www.foundation-stage.info) if you come in regularly (ie daily) - the last 10 posts can be a useful shortcut to seeing if anyone has started an interesting new topic or replied to one of yours. If you don't come in regularly you're likely to find this of only limited use - it will help you review the very recent history of activity in the forum.


2 Turn 'Track This Topic' on for any conversations you'd like notification of updates to. To do this, go into a topic where you will find underlined in white text at the top and at the end of all the posts, a 'Track This Topic' link. Click it and you will get email notification of any fresh contributions to the topic.


3 Use 'My Assistant' to remind yourself of your last 10 posts, and also to be told how many posts have been made since you last logged in, and also which of these are replies to one of your posts. You can find 'My Assistant' at the top right of any forum screen you find yourself in.


Hope this helps!

Steve. :)

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