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Ok so i need help.

We have a four year old she can read just about anything. When she does read she just reads line by line. When you ask her about the story she can tell you what happened so she is understanding what she is reading..Ii think. Also we gave her a cooking activity and she read the recipe independently and carried out the task with very little help.

She can also write....all letters formed correctly she writes a massive amount of words that she is familiar with and using phonetic knowledge to attempt to write words she doesn't know.

We're a PDN......so don't have the school resources for say reception/key stage one.

Can anyone advise on what we could do with her(I feel like she's just being left, not purposefully might I add just cause we don't know what to do) and give me a rough idea of where her abilities lie in the letters and sounds phases??


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My she sounds gifted and talented to me! I'm same as you, privately owned pre-school. This is just as much a special need as anything else would be, so contact your Early Years team in the LA and see if they have any suggestions to help you via the specialist teaching service. I am sure the teachers on here will give you some excellent advice though.

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How exciting!


First of all speak to her parents and see what she enjoys doing at home.


Then make sure you have a good supply of reading material in the book area for her to read and I don't mean reading scheme books! Books with great stories, books that are factual as well as fiction and poetry books. What is she interested in and can you get books about these to put in your book corner.


Are you aware of all of the phases for L&S? If not get a copy of the document and play the games with her at her level (if you can't get a copy DM me as I have a few spares!)


Encourage the writing by making small ready made books, cards etc. A thoughts book is also a lovely idea for a G&T child - this is a nice cover plan book where she can jot things down, write her feeling etc etc. Christmas is coming up and she can write all of her letters and cards without help!


Herre is a link to the National Curriculum whoch you may find interesting and useful https://www.education.gov.uk/publications/eOrderingDownload/QCA-99-457.pdf


I am sure others will have some really great ideas to share with you.


Good luck



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We had an identical little girl a few years ago. I worked with her parents and used resources from the local Infant school . They were happy to lend reading scheme books etc . She sailed through these and was on early reading books by the time she left us.

She also enjoyed reading to her friends. Enjoy!

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Hi I have a reception child who is similarly gifted, being in a school I obviously have resources to hand but she is basically reading at about a Y4 level. I have assessed her against letters and sounds and she flew through phase 2 and phase 3 and we are at the moment teaching her on a 1-1 basis on phase 4. If you do an Internet search, you will be able to find assessment sheets for the phases and that may throw up any gaps she has. It may be useful to try to establish if she knows all the single letter sounds in phase 2 and then move in to teaching her the phase 3 phonemes ee, ai, oi, igh, ear and so on. The Letters and sounds document is comprehensive and you will be able to find plenty of activities to do with her.


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