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The Thinking Child Resources Book was finally released last week, and was available on the stands at the Early Years and Primary Show in London. I have yet to see a copy - in fact, I heard that it was out from Steve :D


If any of you bought a copy at the show, you might have noticed a 'not-at-all-deliberate' mistake! I woke up this morning to a string of emails from eagle-eyed practitioners, who had realised that the photocopiable pages that were supposed to be at the back of the book were missing. Thankfully, I scrolled down the emails to find that my publisher, Network Press, had heard of the mistake immediately. The error was made at the binding stage at the printers, and new copies are being bound as I type. Phew! :o


If you have a copy of the book, please contact Network Press so that they can arrange an exchange. You can do this via their website at www.networkpress.co.uk or by phone at 01785 228566. The new copy of the book, complete with the photocopiable resources, will be available within two weeks.


I'm not sure if the publishers are giving a prize to the anonymous practitioner who returned to Sally Featherstone's stand within minutes of buying the book to tell her of the missing pages, but I think that they should! :D


Nicola Call

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