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Dear All,


I am trying to understand the new EYFS. I find that there are a lot of similar points between the "Making Relationships" and "Manage Feelings and Behaviour". Surely enough that if one manages these appropriately, one makes better relationships... so they are quite interrelated. Yet, I find that some of the d.m. and goals in these two aspects are too similar :wacko:, repetitive in a way.


For example, 40-60+ MR: "Takes steps to resolve conflicts with other children, e.g. finding a compromise" and the same in MF&B "Beginning to be able to negotiate and solve problems without aggression..."


Then, in these two same aspects but in the ELG...

MR: "They show sensitivity to others' needs and feelings" and

MF&B but in the 40-60+: "Understands that own actions affect other people", as well as with the ELG here.


Please help me! :unsure:

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Hi Smiley, I'm not working within FS anymore so I haven't noticed this but I think that you are probably picking them apart too much at the moment. When you get nearer to scoring these goals, I think it will become apparent from your knowledge of the child at that stage whether or not they have attained this.


Go with your gut feeling!


Good luck.

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Hi Susan,


Thanks for your kind response. I know the d.m. or ELG are not to be picked as 'ticklists', but I just wonder why are they mixing things in several aspects. For example, taking turns appears in both of these as well... in MR as an ELG and in MF&B in the 30-50 months. Things don't seem to have a logical sequence or sorting, if I explain myself :unsure: . If "taking turns" appears in MF&B at the 30-50 range, shouldn't it appear later in the same aspect within the ELG, so within MF&B instead of MR? Or maybe MR and MF&B should be united in only one aspect.


Maybe I should just forget about the d.m. and go for my gut feeling in regards to what each aspect means to us in our setting. We would have to agree in what we understand of this since the children will pass from one age group to another and we would have to be consistent. Also, what will happen if a practitioner/teacher leaves and a new one comes? Then we would have to sit again and see that we all understand the same thing. :rolleyes:

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Smiley, Ive only just picked up on this again. I can see what you mean but I dont know the answer as Im not working with it!


Do you not have any expertise you can draw on in the real world for help and advice?


Hopefully this reply will alert someone else here now!

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