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Hi Caro

I used to work alongside a deaf teacher in a foundation unit. She wasn't profoundly deaf, and could hear reasonably well with hearing aids.

We used mirrors a lot in the classroom, so she could see what was going on behind her..she often couldn't hear that, or couldn't hear where the sounds were coming from.


Her challenges were around children who were very quiet, as she struggled to hear what they might say, but she talked openly to them about how she couldn't hear very well (we had a profoundly deaf children in our school too) and they just got used to making sure she could see them..she was an expert lip reader. Her classroom was probably generally a bit louder than mine was.

The other thing she struggled a bit with was teaching phonics as she had difficulty pronouncing the sounds very clearly, but this can happen to others too.


The staff in the school had worried about her needing lots of support, but really all she needed was some 'reasonable adjustments' and the children adored her.


Are you in the process of recruiting a new member of staff?

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A colleague is in an awkward position with a member of staff who had some hearing but has become completely deaf. This is in a childminding setting. She is not sure what are reasonable changes to make or if there may be a point at which the lady may not be able to do her job. She is struggling to get advice from the usual channels and so I thought the forumites may be able to help.

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hi i am completely dear in my left ear and partially in my right i am a supervisor in a creche in a family centre attached to a school i have a team of five and in our team we all have dfifferent skills. my team rely on me to lead and i rely on my team for their ears. My team are absolutly brilliant we work really well together. i do have a hearing aid and one on one i cope very well.

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