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Christmas Nativity Play for Reception


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Hi all,


I'm doing a Reception only Nativity this year and was wondering if anyone has ever tried 'Nursery Rhyme Nativity' by Alison Hedger (Golden Apple Productions)? I have a class of 30 and some very young boys. The songs look simple to learn but I cannot seem to find a cast list or sample script on the internet. I'm worried that there may not be enough to keep the children's interest and don't particularly fancy writing my own script!


Otherwise, any ideas on a simple play I can do with Reception that isn't too simple (ie boring??)


I have done 'Christmas Eve in The Toy Shop' from 3 Little Nativities (but I don't like the other two in the book) and Wriggly Nativity which was VERY simple so had to add some bits in.

Previous to these we've always done it with Years 1 and 2 so have had older ones to narrate and take lead roles.


Thanks in advance guys.



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"Is there a baby in there?" worked for us in preschool, using a narrator and just having the children singing and taking up position on the stage.

Good luck - every year I say I'm never doing another preschool nativity but I always seem to!

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Guest FranCarpenter

Please do have a look on my site. For Reception & Nursery I have written a new show 'Robin's So Excited!' this year, and there are lots of other EY nativities and Christmas musicals too, all tried and tested. Thanks. http://www.franticproductions.co.uk (Frantic Productions) I am a primary/EY music teacher too, not just here to sell my wares!

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I remember doing this quite a few years ago in my previous school. It worked well and we had 90 kids to make parts for! Unfortunately I don't seem to have anything from it (like a cast list or script) - sorry.


We are doing The Sleepy Shepherd this year which we did 2 years ago so none of the children we have now have done it before. It is simple but has some speaking parts for our more confident children. Last year we did 'Cock-a-doodle Christmas' which is a great fun play. We adapted the script a little, as we did with the Sleepy Shepherd to make them a little simpler.

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