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Hey there!!

I'm an NQT and will be starting with a Reception class of 24 in a couple of weeks. I have just joined this forum and think it's fantastic :D Have spent a lot of time reading other peopls ideas since I joined not even 24 hours ago. Hehe i'm hooked already. I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas to help me plan the second week. Our topic is our school and have a few ideas already ie getting the children to design their own school uniforms, meeting other members of staff and asking them questions, painting a picture of the other members of staff etc etc. Can anyone add to this? Also I am going to read the children a story each day based on friendships and also being at school, ie. Goldilocks and the three bears and I am too small to go to school. Can anyone give me any other ideas for books I can read as I am very new to Reception children,

Thanks soooo much


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Welcome Little Angel to the site I know you will find lots of support from everybody.

What about using photographs of the school staff and children find out something about everyone. Some children may be able to write or dictate their words to label photographs or drawings. Or may be you could may a matching game - type out a discription of someone - and the children have to match it to the photograph.

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Welcome Little Angel,

It's nice to have another enthusiastic, addicted member to our forum.

Your ideas sound fun. :D

How about a tour of the school and then children sate through discussion or pictures which is there favourite part ie: playground, lunch hall, etc and why.



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Hi Little Angel


We usually do a walk around school and visit different members of staff. The Head's office, the school secretary, the dinner ladies, caretaker etc then the children draw and paint pictures of people who help us in school with a brief caption of what each person does. i particularly liked one small boys caption for a picture of the Head.......... Mr. H plays on the computer all day!


We write our own school rules and discuss why these are a good idea.


Make plans and 3D models of the school.


Make a large display of the people in our class.


Look for shapes in and outside of school.


Will look for more ideas but Im sure you will get loads of help from this site.

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hi there and welcome


we did a similiar thing last year and I changed the office into the 'school office' with photographs of our secretary and the jobs that she does. we also had school register and letters to parents etc.

the children loved pretending to be me and i learnt some of my habits from them as they mimicked me!! ha ha



good luck


charlotte :)

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