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One of our parents has just brought her 15 month old daughter in for the afternoon session with her lunch. Lunch consisted of a full portion of fish and chips from the chippy round the corner - still in the paper and everything!!!!!

What chance do these children have??

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Hmmm trying to play devils advocate here.....the fish is good if the batter was removed and as an occasional meal then fish & chips are probably better than many of the burger type meals.


Have to say though I might not appreciate the smell lingering in my setting after the meal was consumed not to mention that fact I love fish & chips and am trying to be good so the temptation to steal them would have been huge xD:o:ph34r:

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I've just spent four days in hospital with my youngest and they fed her fish and chips twice in that time!


I understand what you're saying if this is the type of food consistently provided for this child. Do you have a healthy eating policy or weeks when you focus on healthy diets as a setting?

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