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Can Anyone Help On How To Develop A Father's Group In Cc


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Is there anyone out there who is running a Father's group in a Children's Centre which is well attended?


Can you ashare why it is well attended and what kind of provision you provide and how you do it?


I have recently been given this as part of my responsibility and I'm not sure how to go about it.


Please can someone help with any ideas I would be most appreciative.




Thanks :unsure:

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HI, i run a dad's club in my nursery, i get the same dads attend but they enjoy it and the children like to share their environment with their dads/males.


I draw them in once evry 6 weeks and offer tea/coffee and bacon sandwiches, and/or cake.


maybe you could start targeting parents who already use the centre? So the children can show their male carers what they do there.

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Assuming you mean the CC as services for families, rather than childcare in the centre?

A lot of our centres have dads sessions on saturdays and also do dad's stay and plays. One runs a football group (or rather the dads do now). I think you have to think aout timings of activities as many dads will possibly be at work during the day.

As male carers is one of the target groups for CCs your other local CCs may have good strategies that will work for families and users in your area??


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Yes I mean Children's Centre. What kind of things would you need to offer dads?


The group is very small group each week they cook or make lunch but I would like to move it on and do other things. Dads seem to be happy making lunch but there needs to be more interaction with their children.


I think it most likely needs to be on a Saturday where we will be able to capture more dads. At the moment it is in the afternoon during the week.


Thank you for all your ideas.

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Hi Helen


I have just read the excellent article by Chris Randall. I am now thinking how I can incorporate some of these ideas at the dad's group at my centre. I do


think that Saturdays are the best day. As it states in the article it would be difficult to sustain it every Sayurday.


Thank you :1b

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