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I just need some info I have been informed that Ofsted when inspecting Children Centres are looking for a lot of data on the Sef is this the case . Has anyone intrested in sharing their experences?

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Yes it is. You need your reach area data, not just numbers of users but the users from your specific SOAs, especilaly your identified target groups.

This often needs to demonstrate the % described in the inspection schedule, ie in one of the outcomes, I forget which but could be enjoying and achieving, it says for good that over a third of families in the reach area must be engaging in training and development, so unless you can demonstrate over 33% of your families are it will be hard to convince an inspector you are good.

It wil also get tougher from January as they revise the framework again.


I am assuming you are talking about the Children's Centre, not the childcare that may be located in a children's centre? If it's childcare then the EYFS inspection framework is all about data of children's progress from their strating points and how well you are closing the gap of underachievement, from Sept.


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