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Hi all,


Haven't been on the forum for a long while. I do apologise. ^_^


Well our FSU is now expanding!


Now have 78 Nursery children, 39 each session and 60 Reception....


.....It's nice and calm at the moment as Nursery don't start until Monday :P


Taken on another TA so we've got 4 full time support staff and three teachers.


I think we are larger than a number of village primary schools!


Wish us luck.

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how is it going? We have 120 children at anyone time, 90 in F2 and 30 in pre-school. We have 12 staff at any one time (not counting 1:1's) (3 teachers, 4 TA's and 5 pre-school staff, 3 qualified and 2 unqualified).

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Hi Clare, it's going ok. New Nursery have taken a couple of weeks to settle in, but nothing major. I had all of Morning Nursery lined up in single file the other day....the room wasn't long enough!


Wow, that's a big Unit you have there - when you say F2 do you mean Reception and by pre-school you mean Nursery? Or do you have 0-3s?

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