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A bit of a long shot that anyone from Worcestershire will be online tonight but I am trying to write a business plan and I cannot find

any paperwork which actually tells me what the current rate per child is. The rate we used to get would be helpful as well

if you have the info!! Trying to argue a case for reducing our premise costs - we have made a loss of £6,000 this last year

and I can't cut anything else!!

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I am from Worcestershire and I do the funding but right off the top of my head I can't recall exactly for sure what it is.


I do funding for the maintained and the private provision and I believe one is £2.74 or £2.76 per hour. Could the other be £3.24.

Definitely more per hour for the private provision.


Does that sound about right anyone???

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I'm in Worcestershire and it's £3.30 for us (community run Pre school) but I don't think we have had this confirmed for the coming year, or had a contract through yet....... does anyone know what is going on? It's certainly not enough!



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You probably have the answer now but for reference I got this information from the team;


The Worcestershire NEF rates for 3 & 4 year old funding are as follows:


Maintained Nursery Class - £2.76

Maintained Nursery School - £4.62

School Run Non-Maintained - £3.24

Independent School Nursery - £3.48

Independent School Reception Class - £2.92

Private - £3.46

Voluntary - £3.30

Childminder - £3.62


This information will be on the EYCS website soon, however it is currently being updated. The Worcestershire Provider Agreement 2012/13 will be sent to all providers during the week commencing 17th September.


If you would like any additional information, please let me know.



Nicky Burford

NEF Project Manager


Hope this helps


Admin Team

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