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How Do You Organise Your Reception Class


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Hi all :)


I am looking for views an opinions on how every one arranges their Reception Class and why?


I have always had a seat/table for each child.....I admit they weren't always used, but a lot of the time they were well used for a variety of activities.


We have had an EY advisor who told us to get rid of the idea of every child needing a seat and just have areas.i.e making area, numeracy area, writing area......etc these areas are in the class and resources are freely available to the children to choose from independently.


So I have now made areas using classroom furniture and some tables......but am a little unsure as to whether this is going to work..... hence my need for views and opinions from a wider audience.


I suppose what I am asking is....'is there a problem setting up a class this way if it works for you.....?


Look forward to your replies



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I always had areas, and most of my focus was on giving children the best spaces for work and play. I can't think in an EYFS class when you would need every child to be seated at the same time to be honest. most of my children used to be on the floor anyway!! Some areas had seats, like the writing table but children would get extra seats from the spare pile if they wanted more, or just take them from the nearest other space!

If I did a focus activity it took place in the most sensible place, so a writing activity would be in the writing area but a maths activity might have been on the floor!



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