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Hi there

Anyone using the newly updated 2simple APP for recording observations.

I've been trying it out on my 2 year old at home and am hopefully going to use it in school

With my F2 class.

It's a free downloadable APP for Early Years :-)

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I'm not too sure ... I want to give it a try and see how I get on with it- I'll then go to my head teacher as anything has to be better than taking pictures uploading them printing them out / cutting and sticking them into individual profiles and then writing a label to go with it! anything to save time !

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You've read my mind! I've been looking for anyone who had used either Orbit or 2 simple? We are hoping to get some tablets in our setting and was just looking for some advice on the benefits of either Orbit or 2 simple. I know Orbit allows next steps to be jotted down.


Any advice greatly appreciated ladies!


Thank you!

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