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What do most of you do for first couple of weeks in your science/inv area. Any ideas for theme below gratefully recieved. Is this science-y enough? My Science subject leader wants a science focus display every term.


Was thinking of going with 'all about me' theme and drawing a split half face, one side with different colour/style hair/eye colour etc. To stimulate discussion that we are the same but different. Could add a few books


Then thought could add questions - can you find someone with same eye colour/how many people have your eye colour?

Provied pics of chn and let them sort by similarities - blondes etc.


Provide B&Q paint palettes - can they find their skin colour.


Maybe lots of pics on wall of different people from around the world and a map showing how people around the world differ.


Should I be asking 'why do we look different to each other?'


Or - Look at senses - have pic of face/hands and name senses against body parts - have things on display - what senses are you using / what does it feel like/look like.


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Guest tinkerbell

Love your ideas Quinny


Perhaps have mirrors and I like oil pastels for children to draw themselves/friends.

Last year yr3 came into our class to look at childrens eye colour,as soon as they had gone the children asked for class lists and started going round ticking and colouring next to childrens names (I have mixed R/yr1) you could use the pictures of the children (wallet size)and ask them to sort into sets /hoops boys /girls,hair colour,eye colour etc


one of my new children will have a cochlea ear inplant so I will have books on the senses and be ready for any questions.

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I think your ideas sound great Quinny, just be careful that you are maintaining the science focus and not becoming too PSE orientated? All very appropriate though for Reception and yes, ask some questions!


Have fun.

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I would also make sure that your science coordinator is familiar with the EYFS curriculum documentation for physical development, understanding the world and expressive arts and design as this is where may "science" concepts would be found, and how you will deliver these concepts to children.


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