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C15 R/a And Senrios


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Can anyone help with any reflective accounts on this unit or Senrios and answers i am really stuck on this unit.





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Can't help with reflective accounts, these are your own experiences. :o


What kind of setting are you in? If you have a Child Protection Officer ( which all preschools, nurserys, and schools should have) ask if you can look at the Child Protection Code of Practice-working together, this should be useful.


Don't know if this unit is covered on the NVQ guidance section of this forum, hopefully someone can put a link to it for you.



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Hi Donna,

If you're really struggling, your Assessor can help with scenarios - have you asked? Or you might try a really useful book " Early years Care and Education S/NVQ Level 3" by Penny Tassoni and Kath Bulman.




Sue :D

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I am an assessor and if a candidate is struggling with this unit then we can give them the assignments in the assessor file that work through the unit step by step, I dont have my file on hand it is at work but if you want me to post the assignments I can just E mail me your postal address and I will send them on.


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