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Although we did well in our last inspection, one thing that was flagged up was that we were not showing well enough how we had planned and carried out improvement to our practice, although she agreed we had done lots of things.

I think we do well in planning (Action plans etc), it is showing what has changed that is not so clear. And showing it in an easy to keep updated way (ie probably not the SEF online!) which I am looking for.

Any good ideas?

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The focus needs to be on impact, you need to ask yourself what is different as a result of our interventions/actions.

If you start your planning with deciding what the baseline picture is and what you will see as a result of your actions then the actions become the means to the end rather than the focus of the change if you see what I mean.


Try working your plans through this process at the top of your plan:


What needs to be different?

What is the baseline now - data, evaluation etc

What will it look like when we are succesful.


Then you can decide how you will achieve your changes and have good evidence to show the impact because you clearly identified what you wanted.


Too often I see plans which are all about activity with no real focus on what the real outcome will be in terms of changed attitudes, knowledge or skills only that the activity was completed. You need to keep asking yourself "so what" until you can really pinpoint the impact.


This might be of use



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