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Hi I am starting a pgce in september. Our pre course homework is to do a child study. we have no more info than that. its not going to a marked piece but you will be given feed back.


My background academically is not in education but i wondered if anyone could be me tips in writting this. what kind of layouts might be expected.


I have started doing some obs and linking them to the new eyfs but thats as far as i have got and have no idea what to do with them now.



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Hi Whisper


It's a while since I did a full on single child child study but for what it's worth this is the sort of process I followed:


1. Get parental permission to undertake the study - thereby indicating that you are aware of the ethical considerations and perhaps get some sort of parental indication of where the child is in terms of their learning and development, interests etc. - a bit like an initial profile.

2. As you have done do some observations and make links to the EYFS noting that you are using the development matters statements as your developmental norms if this is what you are doing. You should perhaps be able to demonstrate a variety of different types of observation undertaken.

3. Do some kind of formative assessment to Indicate what your observations are showing you in terms of the child's interests, characteristics of learning and next steps for learning and development.

4. Do some kind of individual learning plan to demonstrate how you are going to plan to meet the child's interests, build on their characteristics of learning and move then along in terms of their learning and development.

5. At this point you might possibly want to demonstrate how you have shared your findings with the child's parents and gained their thoughts and input.

6. Continue with the different types of observations to determine how effective or not your planning has been in supporting the child's learning and development.

7. Do another formative assessment or a summative assessment to bring it to a logical conclusion.


Hope that helps

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