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Data Protection Scam: Don't Be Misled!


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Hi -

I just wanted to post a warning in case there are other nurseries, pre-schools etc out there getting letters purporting to be warning letters about Data Protection.


They may mention Final Warnings, Enforcement Sections, Urgent Notices, and other scary sounding stuff :o


They will be apparently demanding fees of around £95 for registering you - assuming that you have any personal data on any of your PC's.


They are crooks, and you should just ignore them! If they come to your door, you should call the police.


Please see this link through to the genuine website of the data protection information commissioner, and the warning they have issued regarding these despicable parasites.


If you do have any concerns over whether your usage of pc's for your work means that you should register (or notify) under the data protection, you can call the phone number of the (very nice) people at the commission and have an informal chat. If you do decide that you need to register, the notification fee is only £35.


Sorry for the rant - but they irritate the pants off me, these people. xD

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