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Just acquired a new piece of equipment a beautiful wooden story telling chair. I wondered if anyone would like to share ideas for props etc that they have found successful. I know its early days but the children not keen to use unless adult led wanted some ideas to draw them in.


Thanks in advance





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Hi are you intending for your chair to be used by the story teller (child or adult) or both. I like to use all different things but mostly objects that are not necessarily obvious what they are representing , for example:

i sit on floor with a large piece of material and we set the scene - deep dark forest, deep blue sea etc and then each child has a prop to choose - feathers , cotton reels , pencils , anything and everything and we work around the circle each taking a turn to create the story with their prop ,

it is good idea to give them an idea / explanation of how it works - this is a cotton reel ' what else could it be ' - also using musical instruments to create sounds, it is possible to adapt for different ages and imaginations . I repeat the story as we go along and this helps to creat energy and reiforce both language and engagement , the children repeat it and remind me when i forget a detail .

Would be interested to know how you want chair to work . I tend to do this on the floor :D

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I too have a storytelling chair and have found that the children do not tend to use it (as much as I'd like) without an adult. However, they love to use my teacher's chair (a director's chair) and pretend to take the register.

Reading your post has made me think that perhaps I should use the storytelling chair when I do group storytime (I usually sit on the floor or on my own chair). This might then encourage them to use it too. I intend to try this when we go back to school. Good luck!

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