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:) Hi I am a new user, have been on as a visitor to the website for a while and really glad I have subsribed.


I wonder if anyone could give me some advice regarding planning for the first two weeks in a foundation class. The children are coming in over two weeks to do mornings and afternoons and i wondered if anyone had any planning formats they use specifically for this period or whether it is free choice in and around the areas of provision with lots of pshe?!


Also i have read that fellow practitioners use a combined lit and num plan, would anyone have a copy for me to peep at?


thanking you



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Hi Charlotte


I have no words of wisdom to offer, being in a pre-school, but I just wanted to welcome you aboard!


I'm sure someone will come along soon and be very helpful. I'm just sorry it can't be me!



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Hi Charlotte,

ditto Mazlittles comment, just like to welcome you to a very addictive and very helpful forum family.



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