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This will be the first time I will have welcomed the new children to the Nursery in September.

Does anyone have any tips for me. I will want them to settle in gently and allow them to take in what happens during a morning routine.

I have set up schedules for them to see and would like to do the topic 'Ourselves'.

Hopefully this will encourage them to talk about themselves and their families.

I would welcome any ideas for my planning.

Karen :o

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we are a preschool and have new intake children, as well as a change of staff, so we have decided to do "Bruno Bear welcome" for first two weeks followed by Me! I am special! Theme. it would probably assist your theme too.


We have gone and bought a mascot from the Bear Factory, really nice with a birth cert and all, and will introduce him to the group in sept. he will become our friend and will help the children to settle in as he will be new too. We will celebrate his birthday (as per his birth cert!!) with a teddy bear picnic, and generally have a two week theme on getting to know each other (alot of PSED here), new friends and reacqaiunting with old friends.


Then we will begin with each other, what we look like, who is in our family, where we live, what we like to eat, play with etc, how we have changed from being a baby to starting preschool and go from there.


Bruno the bear then stays to go home with each child, and particularly with new children to help reassure them about the new routines.


We also have Max the Monkey for the children who are going onto school - same concept.


Each mascot has their own story book, clothes eg. day time outfit, pj's, dressing gown, toothbrush, coat, hat, and are encouraged to join in with the children's routine at home, then return to preschool and share their time with the group at good morning time (registration)


Hope this helps get the juices flowing!!!!!


love kizzy :oxD

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How about starting a book that can follow the children through nursery, but starts with pictures of the children at home, familiar family members, pets, their house, their car, likes and dislikes etc. (This does require the dreaded parent-participation!)


The books could then be displayed in the book corner so that if children are feeling a bit low they can find their 'special book' and they can also share their books which will help them make new friends by finding out who else has a cat, dog, blue car, goes to Spain on holiday etc...


These are also a useful aid for keyworkers and other staff as they will be able to have a better understanding of the children's family and make it easier to talk to them at circle time or during activiites or indeed when planning.

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