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Lesson Observation In Nursery - Psrn Focus


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Hello everyone

I am being observed next week :huh: (nursery unit); my 'topic' is [outer] space and I need to include ICT.

Does anyone have any whizzy ideas for a lesson observation in nursery? ;)

Thanks!! :1b

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Do you have maths city on your computer system?


There's a build your own alien and your own rocket on there. Lots of maths language regarding shapes and counting windows arms and legs etc. Great on computer or whiteboard

I think there's an ordering numbers on space ships too!

Perhaps other children could make their own aliens or rockets with a specific number of pieces?


When we had a role play rocket we had lots of counting backwards to lift off

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Many thanks, both of you, for your help!

I don't have Maths City - but am now looking into getting it - I have looked at the website and it looks too good to miss!

Walkie-talkies - that's a great idea!


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