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We had a visit from our Early Years Advisor recently to introduce us to a new way of recording children's next steps and progress, it should apparently reduce the amount of paper work we currently create in our learning stories. The format is this: One 20 minute observation of child initiated play each 1/2 term, develop one next step from this observation, and record it on the PLOD in the relevent area of learning. This is the next step that the child should be working towards during the next week, and should be noted in the weekly plan. When this next step is achieved it should be crossed off and a new one implemented and noted on the PLODs appropriate area of learning and the next weeks planning sheet. We should be working towards a new next step each week and each time a next step is achieved we should evidence it with either a photo or brief note. The next steps are supposed to be very brief and tiny steps, an example given was 'play with dinosaurs.' We should end up with one sheet (the PLOD) containing the next steps which is hung in the setting so it is easy to access and cross off the next steps as they are achieved, and at the end of the 1/2 term this should be stuck into the learning story book with the evidence of achievment following on the next page. This seems like a good way of recording next steps but not sure it is going to mean slimmer learning stories - we don't currently have a photo each week for each child, and with 52 children on roll, thats a lot of photos we will be printing. She did say that it doesn't have to be photographic evidence, sometimes a written account would be fine but even so, seems like a lot to me. We can play with this idea and create a method that works well for us, but just wondering if anyone else uses this method and if so how do you get on with it?

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