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Eyfs V School 'curriculum'...welfare Requirements ?


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As a play leader in a preschool , we work from the eyfs guidelines , what does a school work from ... I know there is the national curriculum, but does it go into detail regarding welfare requirements ? I had an interesting comment from a head teacher last week, and I'm trying to see if the welfare requirements of the eyfs ( in a preschool ) setting, differ to those required for primary school aged children

If anyone can point me to some info I'd be grateful !

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Schools have regard to the welfare requirements, but there are some requirements that are primarily for registered provision so e.g. you would need to report certain things to Ofsted like change of manager but schools don't because they are not registered - they are governed by different legislation through the governing body.

They are also inspected under a different schedule by Ofsted.

There are no "statutory welfare requirements" in the same sense in a school above EYFS so this is recognised for practical purposes e.g. schools do not have to have separate policies for EYFS to the rest of the school. Schools are subject to a raft of legislation however that covers much of the same types of areas.



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