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Our Nursery is part of a Primary school with a SENCo covering the whole school (EYFS - Y6). A child in our setting, who has some learning difficulties, is moving to school in September. As a maintained nursery we work 1:13 and have coped remarkably well with his needs :blink: . However, school (and we!) are concerned he won't cope without support. He has an IEP and we the Ed Psych has been to see him ,so ihe is at EYAction+. School are applying for emergency funding for when he goes into school but are being asked for information about the support he has had up to now. The SENCo says that at EYA+ he should already have 8 hours shared support a week, which he does from me but as part of my 1:13 if that makes sense!

I am concerned that as we legally have to have 1:13, so 2 staff, this should've been 8 hours from the school SEN budget above that. Obviously in main school there is no legal obligation to have a TA in a class, so 8 hours TA support in a class there could be seen as being from the SEN budget. I am wondering if this is the issue in showing that the SEN budget has been used to support him.


Am I barking up the wrong tree?!



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My understanding from taking several children through the statementing process which I am assuming that is what you are doing with this child is that before extra funding can be awarded to the school, you have to prove that you already have support in place. So it's always a catch 22 situation in that there is usually no money to provide this but you need to prove that it is needed and that if granted it will be used wisely. Making a timetable of when and how the child is supported and by whom as well as the targets worked towards is what they are looking for.



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