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as it is time for tranistions and moving on I was just wondering if anyone can share ideas experiences of any particular circle time activites.


My children are in nursey and will be moving up to reception.


So far i thought we could have a circle time and share our thoughts about going to recpetion e.g feeling scared, excited. We can address any worries the children have.


Just wondering if there are any stories etc?




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I have just had a circle time today with our Leavers. First of all we talked about which schools they were going to and whether they had any other little friends from pre-school that would be going there too. I then used a little soft dog that I have that the children are used to, I explained that she was starting dog school soon and her teacher is going to be called Mrs Woof, ( very original I know), I said that she was a little scared of where to go and what to do, the children were able to give suggestions how she could ask the teacher if she didn't know. We then went round the circle and asked each child if there was anything they were unsure of or scared about giving lots of reassurance to each one. It was a very useful tool. Will continue to do this each day as we are sessional and have 42 children leaving. :)

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