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Hi i work in a setting with a child that has 1-1 but this child is a college child. I feel this is a conflict of intrest and that the child has separation anxicity and wondered if anyone got any advice as the child wants "mummy" all the time.


Thank you

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Hi Sadie19.


I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you're asking. The child receives 1:1 support and has separation anxiety? How old is the child? If they are a similar age, I have an example that we have used just this week which has been very successful.

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Hi really sorry spelling not the best i mean the child is a staff member child so that is what causes the conflict of intrest and with him having 1-1. the other staff are 1-1 workers but it just not like working with a child that parent are not present.

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Okay now I think I understand. Is the parent in the same room as the child, if yes where is the anxiety placed. Is it when the parent/staff member leaves the room. Does the child have 1.1 support for their whole time with you. Trying to get a picture, so sorry for all the questions.

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Hiya yeh the parent is in the same room as the child and yes the child always want his mum its a conflict of intrest as we find it hard to speak to the parent/staff member to discuss the childs needs. the child has seperation anxity aswell. x x x

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