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Learning Journeys Using Ict And Mobile Phones

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Some advice needed...

I have recently visited a large three form entry fs unit. They have recently had the big O. They were outstanding in foundation.

They used a piece of software called Fingertips by Focus Education for their learning journeys. Their ofsted inspectors loved it - i also did!

You used mobile phones to capture photos and video evidence and then had options to click on children involved and areas seen. It all then plugged into the PC and went into each child's 'file'.


It just looked so great! Has anyone seen anything similar or has had any good / bad experiences with software such as this.... there must be more than one piece of software like this.

I want to buy into it and wanted to see the pros and cons you may have already experienced...

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a school I know uses it and they said it doesn't link observations across different areas of learning.

Like any esystem they do what they say, but its what you do with data that makes you outstanding, not really the system you store it on!

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There is a similar app available for free on android, search 2simple EYFS under education. It is very good and saves lots of time but only compatible with certain camera phones. :rolleyes:

I should think you would need to have suitable policies/procedures in place and be registered with Data protection to use such systems.

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yes of course - they were school mobile phones with no sim cards(from my understanding) - removes a few problems straight away.


catma - you are, of course right. I will be asking that question though - about the data linkage.

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